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Foaming Hand Soap Refill 12 Tablets - Coconut Fragrance

Foaming Hand Soap Refill 12 Tablets - Coconut Fragrance

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An Earth-Friendly Choice: With Flowcheer foam hand soap refills, you can reduce plastic waste while keeping your hands clean and hydrated! Our hand soap refills are natural, plastic-free, and affordable, designed to save you money, keep your hands clean and contribute to a cleaner planet with every refill!

Plant-Based Ingredients: Our foaming hand soap refills are crafted with care for the environment and your skin using plant-based, natural ingredients, without harsh fillers, irritants, or unnecessary additives!

Effective and Gentle to Your Skin: The natural hand soap refill can effectively remove any grime and residues leaving your skin not only clean but also hydrated! The natural blend of safe ingredients is very gentle on your skin and leaves a subtle refreshing scent!

Cost-Effective and Space-Saving: Not only you can save the planet but also reduce your household expenses with the Flowcheer foam soap tablets! With a pack of 12, you can refill up to 12 bottles of 8fl oz, and each soap tablet lasts between 4-6 weeks! The tablets are also portable and compact, perfect for travel, camping, hiking, RV and more!

Plastic-Free and Zero-Waste: These hand soap tablets are an excellent solution to reduce plastic waste as they are fully dissolvable in PURIFIED WATER and come in eco-friendly, compostable packaging. These soap refills are compatible with all foam dispensers.

INGREDIENTS: sodium carbonate, citric acid anhydrous, sodium N-lauroylsarcosinate, sodium lauroyl glutamate, sodium benzoate, fragrance.

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