Where can I buy your products?

You can purchase our foaming hand soap tablets from the following links on Amazon.com.

Visit flowcheer amazon store.


How much is the freight?

Free shipping for over $30 in the United States.


Which countries do you ship to?

Currently, we ship to: United States (All 50 states) - Available by shopping from our Amazon store: 

Visit flowcheer amazon store.


How should I pay?

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, or Amazon Pay.


How to track an order?

You will receive an email notification once a tracking number is uploaded. You may also come back to our website and click on "Chat with us" to track your order.


Will you release more products?

Yes! We're on a mission to  improve the problems of traditional cleaning industry - ingredients, packaging and efficacy, while providing a green alternative that is gentle for your home, skin and soil, from household cleaning to personal care.

We have exciting launches planned throughout 2023.


Foaming Hand Soap 

Are your products pet safe and do they contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds)?

Yes. Our products do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). And we use a mild formula without irritating chemicals to protect the health and skin of family members and to be safe for children and pets.


Where are your products developed?

Our products are designed and developed in United States by our talented team of staff and advisors.


Why are your products waterless?

Surface cleaners, liquid hand washes and liquid laundry detergents often contain up to 95% water, which makes them bulky and heavy, contributing to greater emissions during transit. This also means you're paying for the extra transport and excess packaging. That is why Flowcheer products are waterless.

Our light weight refills minimise both the volume and weight of our products as much as 98%, to significantly reduce carbon emissions during transit, as well as reduce single use plastic waste. 


Can I buy foaming hand soap tablets without the dispenser?

If you already have a foaming hand soap dispenser, we encourage you to re-use it! Just make sure it is in-fact a foaming dispenser as a regular soap dispenser will not work.

Click here to shop our cost-effective refill packs.


How long does it take for the hand wash tablet to dissolve?

Water temperature is the key factor influencing dissolve time of the hand soap tablet.

Recommended: If using hot tap water (140°F or 60°C), it should take 10-20 minutes to dissolve.

If using cold tap water (70°F or 20°C), it may take 40 minutes to fully dissolve.

To accelerate dissolving, you may wish to stir the tablet with a spoon.

Please do not use boiling water or shake the dispenser as the tablet is dissolving, as this may build up pressure in the bottle resulting in a spill.


Is your hand wash antibacterial?

Our foaming hand soap is not antibacterial and for good reason. The FDA has advised that consumers avoid antibacterial soaps .

Our hand soaps include effective surfactants to wash away germs, leaving your hands both clean and moisturized.


Is your hand wash vegan?

Yes. We use no ingredients sourced or derived from animals.


What is your hand wash packaging made from and is it recyclable?

Our hand wash packaging is made from 100% recyclable or compostable materials.

Box Packaging: Cardboard paper (Recycle or compost)

Bottles: Glass or PP - Polypropylene (Recycle)

Foaming Pump: PP - Polypropylene (Recycle)

Tablet Wrapper: Kraft paper with aluminum film inside (Recycle)


How do the tablets work?

Our tablets are designed to dissolve in regular tap water to form an effective, safe, long lasting solution. We have taken the best ingredients from a premium foaming hand soap, and concentrated them to exclude the water.

What does this mean for you? It's simply really, just remember these 3 steps:

Fill 8.5fl oz (250ml) of warm tap water into your foaming dispenser. Do not use boiling water!

Drop in the flowcheer Tab and let it dissolve. The magic show usually takes 15 minutes. Tip: If the water is too hot, it may be best to wait for the tablet to dissolve before screwing on the pump to avoid pressure build up and split foam.

Enjoy a moisturizing foaming lather! Pump twice onto wet hands for a thorough hand wash.

P.S. flowcheer Tabs work with all foaming hand soap dispensers.


Is my tap water suitable for tablets?

The research & development team performed extensive tests using a variety of tap water from the United States and found no issues. However, if you use bore water or do not trust your tap water, we recommend using your regular drinking water or boiling the tap water for 2 minutes, letting it cool slightly and then dissolving your tablet.


Do I have to use hot water?

Not at all. Using cold water means the flowcheer Tab might take more than 15 minutes to dissolve. Good things come to those who wait.


How long does a foaming hand soap tablet last?

1 tablet lasts the average household 4 weeks with frequent use.

Each tablet creates 250ml-350ml of foaming hand soap and delivers up to 150 hand washes per tablet.


Can I use my own foaming hand soap bottle?

Absolutely! Our soaps work with any dispenser that has a foaming pump. Unfortunately, a regular soap dispenser will not work. 


Do I need to shake the bottle for the tablet to dissolve?

No. The flowcheer Tab will dissolve on its own terms - no need to shake! If you want to accelerate the dissolve time, you may stir the solution with a spoon.


Why is your soap better than bar soap?

Whilst both options are zero-waste and we love bar soap, we developed our soap tablets because many people prefer soap from a dispenser or prefer the feel of foaming soap, compared to bar soap. This is especially true for shared environments, such as a kitchen or shared bathroom where people are typically less comfortable using bar soap. 


What is the difference between a foaming pump dispenser and regular pump dispenser?

Pumps that dispense foam work by mixing air with the soap creating foam. The neck size of the foam pump is much larger than a regular pump to allow room for the air chamber. The easiest way to know if you have a foam pump is to test it with a diluted solution of water and regular soap or detergent. If it foams, it’s a foam pump!


Why is my hand wash not foaming or dispensing properly?

Our flowcheer Foaming Hand Soaps, like other foaming soaps, must be used with a foaming dispenser.

A foaming dispenser is different to a regular or traditional soap dispenser. In addition to the pump, a foaming dispenser includes an air chamber to pressurize and mix air into the solution to create the foam we all know and love.


Is your hand wash septic safe?

Yes! We use a mild formula, non-toxic and without  irritating chemicals to protect the health and skin of family members and to be safe for children and pets.


Does your hand wash contain any known allergens?

Coconut: Our products contain coconut derivatives and therefore considered non-COC. Our hand soaps include the ingredient Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate (a surfactant that cleanses skin) which is derived from coconuts.


Is there a use-by date for the Hand Soap?

We recommend using the Hand Soap tablets within 24 months of purchase.


Is your Hand Soap "soap-free"?

Yes! flowcheer tablets, perhaps surprisingly, are best classified as “soap-free”. Our R&D team tested a huge variety of formulations and found pure soap formulations triggered more reactions to sensitive skin, and left many hands feeling dry. For this reason, we picked ingredients that are classified as soap-free, leaving your hands feeling moisturised rather than dry.


Laundry Sheets

How do Laundry Sheets work?

Our Laundry Sheets are ultra-concentrated, water-soluble sheets of detergent which can be used in both hot and cold washes. Simply add the Laundry Sheet into your washing machine with your clothes / linen and start the cycle as usual. The Laundry Sheet will dissolve within 20 seconds of contact with water to give your clothes an effective clean. You can use them to hand wash, as well.


How many sheets do I use?

Our Laundry Sheets are available in packs of 30, 60 and 90, and one sheet is the perfect concentration of detergent for a regular load (5-7kg). The sheets also have a tear strip down the middle to make them easy to portion.

Use a half a sheet for a small load (2.5-3.5kg), or if your clothes are particularly dirty or your load is larger than usual, you can use one and a half sheets.  


Are flowcheer sheets safe on colours?

Flowcheer Sheets are a replacement for your old-fashioned detergents and should not cause damage or fade your coloured clothes. They do not contain chlorine or liquid non-chlorine bleach. However, we always recommend that you check your clothing label and washing instructions to be certain our Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets will work for you.


Can I use Flowcheer sheets for wool, silk and delicates?

Remember to always reference the label of your clothing. Use flowcheer sheets as you would any other laundry detergent. Every fabric is different and you should always trust the label for that specific fabric.


Dissolve Dirt, Preserve Earth

  • Eco-Friendly

    100% recyclable packaging, no plastic, zero waste

  • Premium Quality

    Committed to delivering exceptional cleaning performance

  • Natural

    Plant based, trusted ingredients. Mild to sensitive skin

  • Cost-effective

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