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Optimize your laundry routine with Flowcheer Laundry Detergent Sheets!

How many times a week do you wash your clothes on average? 3 times? 5 times? Or do you need it every day?

As someone who loves cleanliness, I need a change of clothes every day! I have to say it's really troublesome, especially when changing my sheets every week, the amount is a lot and the volume is very large, measuring detergents gives me a lot of headaches until... I discovered the flowcheer laundry detergent sheets, which took a lot of my workload off my shoulders! Let's take a look at what are its benefits!

Environmental impact of traditional laundry detergent

Laundry is a must-have program for every family. During the operation of this program, a lot of sewage will be discharged. You should know that most of the washing powder contains phosphorus. The phosphorus in washing powder itself does not contain any pesticides, but when it is discharged into the sewer system, it will eventually flow into lakes and oceans, which will increase the phosphorus content in the water and make the water eutrophic. Eventually, the water will become hypoxic, fish and shrimp will die, and the living water will become stagnant and affect the surrounding environment.

The consumption of water and energy from traditional laundry detergents

To know that 98% of the components of laundry detergent on the market are water, and all use fresh water to wash clothes, accidentally poured more laundry detergent, you need more water to clean, otherwise it will leave traces, and have to be cleaned again, resulting in a waste of water resources and electricity. When the washing machine is running, it comes with carbon emissions, the more loads, the greater the emissions, if you use warm water to clean, the result is really unimaginable! We have to remember that lowering the temperature can reduce carbon emissions, I will reduce the use of hot water for washing in the future, I think the dryer is also a big cause of carbon emissions, 90% of the energy of the washing machine is used for heating!

Transportation and storage of laundry detergent

Traditional laundry detergent is very bulky and wastes space, whether it is trucks, trains, or plane transportation, it needs to emit a lot of carbon dioxide, and the pollution to the environment is very large. They are also a prominent presence in our laundry room, and we often need a lot of space to store laundry detergent, making the already small laundry room more crowded and cluttered. This is something I can't stand as a clean lover, and I don't think anyone doesn't like a clean and tidy environment.

Why use Flowcheer Laundry Detergent Sheets?

Now that we know about the dangers of traditional laundry detergents, how does Flowcheer help the environment?

Flowcheer's packaging is green

Flowcheer's packaging is green, which is one of the most important reasons I chose it. Traditional laundry detergent packaging is non-recyclable and takes hundreds of years to degrade. Flowcheer's green packaging is biodegradable and fully recyclable, promoting zero waste and not causing any harm to the environment, ensuring that no more plastic is thrown into the environment.

Easy to use, no additional containers required

Do you need help measuring the exact amount of liquid detergent required for your laundry? What if you measure incorrectly and have to re-clean?

Flowcheer laundry detergent sheets can be easily measured, and one sheet can wash 6-8 large dirty laundry. If the number of clothes is small, you can shred the sheets at will, and you can adjust the sheets at any time according to the number of clothes. When I use traditional laundry detergent, I always accidentally pour a lot or spill it on my hands, causing confusion. The way of pouring detergent all over your clothes and half of it going to waste is over! Flowcheer is perfect for avoiding these problems.

The flowcheer laundry detergent sheets are very friendly to small laundry rooms.

The size of flowcheer laundry detergent sheets is very small, and each sheet is concentrated detergent. If your laundry room is very small and there are all kinds of clumsy detergents piled up, you will need flowcheer very much. This is another reason I like it. After changing it, my laundry room is clean and spacious!

Easily dissolves and does not cause residue

When washing some white clothes, the laundry detergent that does not completely dissolve is easy to show, and we have to wash it again, causing a lot of unnecessary trouble, because the traditional laundry detergent contains fluorescent agents. Flowcheer uses plant extracts, easy to clean, will not cause residue, solved a lot of our troubles.

Effective products reduce waste

If you buy a detergent that doesn't wash off the stains, it's pointless, wasting not only the detergent, but also your time and money. Each of our sheets is effective and it has enough cleaning power to keep your clothes clean.

Flowcheer is the perfect way to reduce waste, and you can keep your laundry clean with Flowcheer's eco-friendly cleaning products. Visit our website now and start an eco-friendly and clean life!