For an eco-friendly lifestyle, swap out your cleaning supplies for them! - Flowcheer

For an eco-friendly lifestyle, swap out your cleaning supplies for them!

June has passed, which also means that half of 2023 is over, are you ready for July?Time to clean the house and get ready for the new life!

How often do you do a major cleaning at your house? Cleaning too frequently can cause furniture wear and tear, while too long intervals can result in unpleasant odors and dust accumulation.


For sofas: 

If you have removable sofa covers, it is recommended to clean them every two months. Simply throw the covers into the washing machine with 2 pieces of FLOWCHEER laundry detergent sheets, and you will have clean and fresh sofa covers. (Frequent cleaning is not recommended as it may cause fabric loss of elasticity and color fading). For non-removable sofas, if the label indicates an X, it means professional cleaning is required as any cleaning solution can damage the sofa. For sofas that can be cleaned, use a vacuum cleaner to remove large particles of dust, then spray FLOWCHEER multi-surface cleaner on the areas that need cleaning and wipe with a dry towel.


For washing machines: 

Do you think your washing machine, which you use every day to wash clothes, is clean? No! Over time, dirt and residue can accumulate in the washing machine, leading to mold growth. Regular cleaning is important! Most washing machines have a built-in self-cleaning function. Simply insert 2 pieces of FLOWCHEER washing machine cleaner into the detergent tray, along with a towel that dissolves in water. Then, activate the self-cleaning mode of the washing machine, and you don't need to do anything else! (For washing machines without a self-cleaning function, fill it with water, soak for more than 2 hours, and then run a complete washing cycle). Once the cleaning is done, your washing machine will be as good as new!


For dishwashers:

 The dishwasher is one of the most difficult appliances to clean, as food residue and grease can accumulate more than in a washing machine. We use utensils to hold food every day, and if the dishwasher is not cleaned regularly, it's hard to imagine what ends up in our mouths... In this case, you can put a FLOWCHEER dishwasher cleaner into the dishwasher detergent compartment. It has a refreshing lemon fragrance and provides a powerful cleaning effect to remove stubborn grease and residue. During the dishwasher's self-cleaning process, you can focus on other cleaning tasks!


Now, let me think~ oh! The floors, bathroom countertops, and glass still need to be cleaned. Maybe I need a floor cleaner, as well as tile and glass cleaners? Wait! Can't I use the FLOWCHEER multi-surface cleaner that I just used to clean the sofa? Let's try it together! Spray it on the glass, wait a few minutes, and then use a glass scraper to remove the water stains. You will be amazed by the result! Then, use the same method to clean the marble countertops in the bathroom and kitchen, and you will have a sparkling clean home!


With the right cleaning tools and cleaners, not only can you make your home look new without a lot of effort but you can also take care of a lot of details, and these products are plastic-free and not harmful to the environment and human body. These products can be purchased on and are also available on Amazon and are a great value!