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  • Sales Manager

    1. Responsibilities:

    (1) Analyze and determine potential customers, and lead the team to expand the sales market;

    (2) Establish long-term relationship with key customers and provide high-quality sales services;

    (3) Understand the market and customer needs and provide corresponding product and service solutions;

    (4) Guide the sales team to complete sales tasks and achieve sales objectives;

    (5) Supervise sales personnel to follow up orders and maintain customer satisfaction;

    (6) Provide sales report and market feedback to the general manager to provide reference for the company's business development.

    2. Job requirements:

    (1) At least 5 years of relevant working experience in sales field;

    (2) Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, good at building interpersonal relationships;

    (3) Good sales skills and negotiation skills;

    (4) Strong business development ability and market sensitivity;

    (5) Be able to lead the sales team to complete sales tasks;

    (6) Excellent team leadership;

    (7) Be able to adapt to the work arrangement of frequent business trips;

    (8) Bachelor degree or above.


  • Fringe benefits:

    1. Provide competitive remuneration and benefits, including medical insurance and 401K plan;

    2. Perfect social insurance, welfare and bonus system;

    3. Provide training opportunities, including internal and external training;

    4. Good promotion opportunities and career development space;

    Welcome to join us. If you are interested, please send an email to Albert@yajieint.com

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