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Why Use Refillable Cleaning Products?

What is refillable?

Refillable packaging allows the user to extend the life of the product by replacing the spent product. This is convenient while reducing the waste and energy required to make new packaging, and therefore environmentally friendly.

Populating the cleaning products is an effective method to break the disposable products cycle. Materials used in daily products go through life cycle stages of extraction, manufacture, transportation, use and discarding. Every time you throw away one product, you will start the process all over again. Unfortunately, many products are designed to be disposable, such as laundry detergent bottles, cleaning spray bottles, and hand sanitizer pumps.

Single-use plastic is one of the worst cases, but even products made from recycled and renewable materials, these single-use still have impacts to the environment. Therefore, reduction and reuse are the most important strategies in waste management.

So why not start from your cleaning products? You can easily swap out those disposable plastic bottles for refillable cleaning products.

Many types of cleaning product are refillable, including washing powders, multi-purpose cleaners, and hand sanitizers. The refillable container can be used to hold soap, powder, and cleaning solution.

In Flowcheer, containers for hand sanitizers and multi-purpose cleaners can be refilled by purchasing independent refills that designed in fewer, eco-friendly packaging. You only need to pay for the product.


Let's take a look at the advantages of refillable cleaning products:

Refillable cleaning products reduce packaging waste and plastic pollution.

Single-use packaging of cleaning products is usually made of plastic, and the seriousness of plastic pollution should be familiar to everyone. Refillable packaging effectively reduces the waste in the production and transportation of disposable plastic packaging. Refillable spray bottles have little need for disposable materials, which effectively reducing plastic pollution.


Tablets are shipped with a lighter weight and smaller size.

Flowcheer's refill is usually 12 tablets and only needs to be dissolved in water when used. Less packaging means less weight and volume. This reduces the amount of energy used for transportation and makes refills easier to store, to carry without taking up a lot of space.


Buying tablets can save you money.

Over-packaging is a hassle for both consumers and manufacturers, with additional costs. Reducing packaging can help companies save on material costs, and what you must pay will be less too.

On Amazon: A 12-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer usually sells for $4.99 at $0.42 per ounce.

Flowcheer 12 refills are priced at $9.99, and each refill can dilute 8~12 oz of hand sanitizer. For only $0.1 per ounce, just buy one more refillable container.


Save money on hand sanitizer refills.

We pack the hand washing tablets in a biodegradable carton. There are 12 tablets in one box, which means you can save at least 11 bottles of hand sanitizer. It is only necessary to replenish by adding tablets again after the hand sanitizer is used up.


Switch to refillable cleaning products.

Flowcheer Foaming Hand Soap

For next time you run out of hand sanitizer, buy a reusable foam hand sanitizer dispenser instead of a single-use plastic bottle. Add a single foaming hand refill tablet, then fill the bottle with warm water and mix gently. You'll have rich, moisturizing hand sanitizer that lasts as long as liquid soap. Moreover, you can search for Flowcheer directly on www.flowcheer.life or Amazon, so you don't have to run to the store to buy it. The refill tablets are packed in a small cardboard box for easy storage in your bathroom or kitchen cabinets.


Flowcheer Multi-Surface Cleaner

Get started with our multi-surface cleaner refill tablets, like the foaming hand soap, it also has 12 pieces that enough for you to use for a long time. Simply fill the bottle with warm water and let the tablet dissolve. Flowcheer multi-surface cleaner can target stubborn stains in your home without damaging furniture. Having this one cleaner means you have: floor cleaner, bathroom tile cleaner, glass cleaner, and more. Save your space and money from all these cleaners by one multi-surface cleaner.

Try refillable cleaning products when you run out of cleaning supplies. Flowcheer not only saves your money and space, but also reduces the use of disposable plastic packaging. Click here to buy.

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