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 A new green and environmentally friendly washing trend is coming!

Evolution of the laundry era:

These are all detergents, and the common ones on the market now are washing powder and washing-up liquid, and laundry sheets are not yet widely available as a new star product.


There is no denying that they all have their advantages and disadvantages, so today we will talk about these and which washing product is the king of cost effectiveness?



Soap has been an essential cleaning product for every household since the 19th century, made with natural oils and fats that clean and remove bacteria well and can survive in a humid and easily oxidized environment, but as times progressed, the use of soap could not meet the needs of machine washing and was gradually replaced by washing powder.



Washing powder with surfactant as the main ingredient has good detergency in any water quality and is widely utilized economically. However, it is not easy to dissolve and there will be residues if it is not washed cleanly; synthetic surfactants were found to have side effects such as making hands coarse early on, and the discharge of sewage into nature has led to a decrease in water oxygen content and deterioration of water quality, resulting in the death of a large number of fish and other organisms, which is now regarded as a major public hazard that pollutes the environment.


The formula composition of laundry detergent is close to that of washing powder, the difference being that traditional washing powder uses anionic surfactants, which are more alkaline and thus more irritating and harmful to the skin when used. Laundry detergent, on the other hand, mostly uses non-ionic surfactants with a pH close to neutral, which is gentle to the skin and degrades faster than washing powder  after being discharged into nature, so it has become a new generation of detergent and is now the mainstream detergent.

However,laundry detergent takes up a lot of space, some also contain fluorescent agents, and more expensive, a lot of liquid easy to pour waste, the amount is also difficult to control.



The laundry detergent pods is designed for washing machine, small and convenient, does not contain water, high active content; better cleaning ability, multi-effects all in one, more convenient, but the high price is the main reason why many people do not want to buy, and looks similar to sugar is very easy to lead to children accidentally eat, high risk factor. Not suitable for hand washing,less laundry to do, easier to waste .

The laundry sheet is a new multi-functional washing product,High active substance content, good detergency, occupies little space, convenient for machine hand washing.


Brand Description:


FLOWCHEER  is committed to creating cleaning products that are effective and environmentally friendly, first and foremost by ensuring that they are environmentally friendly to the earth's environment and to people. Using mild, non-toxic formulas manufactured to produce zero plastic waste, maintaining high quality at a low price, being "green" and "eco-friendly” while saving money is a smart choice!


Product Description:


  • The laundry sheets made with nano super concentrated technology are small and light, extremely easy to store and carry, and very convenient and fast to use.


  • The natural non-toxic formula ensures that it does not contain fluorescent whitening agents and other ingredients that are harmful to human health and the environment,  while being gentle and non-irritating, causing almost zero damage to clothing.


  • All-in-one,in addition to the cleaning function,also has a soft care, fragrance and other functions, eliminating the need for additional spending on softening and de-staticizing, fragrance and so on.


  • A box of 50 pieces of laundry sheets can wash the equivalent of 125 ounces of laundry detergent, but the price is almost one-half of it, really good and save money.




Wasn't expecting too much, a small piece will not clean well. The result is just the opposite . Not only is the cleaning ability strong but also completely non-irritating, very mild, and really too convenient! More clothes with 2 pieces, less can tear half, the original space to put laundry detergent can put several boxes of laundry tablets, with the pump with the take. The dissolution speed is fast, directly thrown into the washing machine, even if the laundry time is short, do not worry about residue.The outer packaging is still biodegradable in a cardboard box, avoiding plastic pollution.


To sum up, laundry sheets are a breakthrough for the laundry industry to achieve green development and healthy transformation. It is easy to see that in the future in the laundry market, washing powder, laundry detergent and other traditional laundry products will gradually be replaced by more environmentally friendly, more energy-efficient laundry products. We also have reason to believe that an era belonging to the laundry sheets is opening the curtain, a new green and environmentally friendly washing trend is coming!

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